Heat Resistant connectors
Heat-resistant connectors offer superior heat resistance compared to general connectors. The heatproof temperatures of general connectors are about 85℃(185℉)85°C to 125℃(257℉), making it hard to use in high temperature locations, such as near a furnace in an iron mill, or as the cable connection of a heater.Globetech proposes heat-resistant connectors that can withstand up to 680℃(1256℉) by leveraging abundant experience in connector manufacturing.
Heat Resistant connectors
General Connector Our Heat Resistant Connectors
Electrical Element Copper alloy
(Phosphor bronze / brass)
Nickel Alloy /Stainless Steel / Inconel
Insulator Plastic(PA/PBT/PPS etc) PTFE/PEEK/Ceramic
Features -General connector use only up to 125℃(257℉)
-Insulator will get damage and contact element reducing spring characteristics.
Inconel can use up to 680℃(1256℉) as electrical contact without redusing spring characteristics.
Caution) Above data is not heatproof temperature of our connectors but materials.
Heat Resistant connectors
1.Electrical Element
We have electrical element with Copper alloy, Nicle alloy, Stainless Steel and Inconel.
Material Copper alloy Nicle alloy Stainless Steel Inconel
Maximum temperature 180℃(356℉) 220℃(428℉) 370℃(698℉) 680℃(1256℉)
Caution) Above temperature is total temperature of atmosphere temperature + temperature rise of connector.
2.Conductor Body
We choose low resistance value change rate metal from Copper, Copper alloy, Stainless Steel and Nicle.
We choose high and stable insulation performance at high temperature from PTFE, PEEK and Ceramic.
We calculate coefficient of thermal expansion and choose from Aluminum, Aluminum alloy and Stainless Steel.
Heat Resistant connectors

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