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Globetech Inc. is a company that designs and manufactures custom electrical connectors not handled by existing products. Using our core technology, electrical contacts for stabilizing energization, we manufacture high current connectors, heat resistant connectors, vacuum connectors, and special connectors. Orders are accepted from a single unit.
High Current Connectors Heat Resistant Connectors
We provide High Current Connectors from 10A to more than 10,000A. The Globetech Contact Band provides Very low contact resistance, Stable electrical connection and Longer operating life. We provide Heat Resistant Connectors can operate up to 680℃(1256℉) depending upon selected material of insulator and conductor.
Vacuum Connectors Custom made electrical connectors
We provide hermetic seal connectors which can be used at the boundary between in a vacuum and in the air. We also provide vacuum connector using low out gassing insulation material for use in a vacuum. We manufacture connectors for many applications by choosing the electrical contact from a variety of items. We offer even a single connector specially made to meet a customer's specifications.
Globetech Inc
To reduce the resistance of electrical conductors and connections and to enhance reliability, it is necessary to press the conductors together with appropriate contact pressure.
While, in general, a slit is inserted into the conductor to create range of motion or a spring with a simple structure is used to generate contact pressure for easy insertion and extraction, Globetech's connector employs a spring material for the electrical contact.
・Reduces loss of electricity when high current is applied thanks to low-contact resistance
・Capable of reducing insertion and extraction force and suitable for multi-polarity
・Resistant to oxide film because of the self-cleaning function
・Longer life for repeated insertion and extraction
・Applicable in high temperature environments
・Compact size in the direction of diameter and axis
・Stabilizes signal voltage
Contact band and Coil spring
Two types of electrical contacts-the contact band and coil spring contact-are used in Globetech connectors. The contact band is manufactured by pressing a sheet of high-performance spring material. The coil spring contact is manufactured by winding wire materials to create a spring consisting of canted coils and then welding them to form a circular shape.We choose the optimum type for each contact depending on the specifications, application, and cost, and then we design a connector best suited to the needs of the customer.
Contact Banb Coil Spring
Contact band Coil Spring Contact

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