Custom Made connectors
The need for high-current connectors is increasing because of the dissemination of renewable energy, electric vehicles, and other advances in technology. However, heat is easily generated from high currents (generation of Joule heat), which often cause inefficiencies and energization failure.
At Globetech, efficient energization is realized without unnecessary heat generation or energization failure by using electrical contacts. We design and manufacture custom-made items for use not covered in the standard items shown above.
standard connectors
We have supplied many high-current connectors to manufacturers of heavy electric machinery and transmission cables. We can confidently propose products that meet the requirements of individual customers.
High current connectors
- Capable of manufacturing high capacity connectors that cannot be handled by existing products.
(Theoretically, there is no limitation on the current value.)

- Compact connectors that are usable even under high current conditions.

- A wide range of shapes and specifications are accepted for both single-pole and multi-pole connectors.

- Taking advantage of the flexibility unique to custom-made items, we can design high current connectors in special shapes.

High current connectors
High current connectors

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