Butt Contact Connectors
While connectors are generally inserted, Globetech offers connectors that make contact by pressing the surfaces (butt contact) based on the technology of electrical contacts. Using butt contacts for pre-shipment inspections makes the work simpler (shortened time) and automated.
we suggest replacement from spring probe contact to butt contact.
BUtt Contact Connectors
- Small but energizes high current

- Unlikely to damage the target compared to a contact spring probe that has only one contact because the target is touched at multiple points

- The coil spring flexibly tracks the irregular surface of the target.

- Compensating for misalignment by increasing the target surface

- Applicable to high temperature environments or vacuums by changing materials

- Longer life compared to connectors using a pin and socket

While a crimped terminal is connected using a screw in actual use, in a pre-shipment inspection, it is necessary to inspect as many products as possible within a limited time. By using a butt contact, time and labor for screwing the crimped terminal is eliminated, and the manufacturing and shipment lines are automated, which leads to cost reductions.
Inspection contact for IGBT and Terminal
Inspection contact for IGBT and Terminal
Inspection contact for IGBT and Terminal

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