Fork Socket Butt Contact
The fork socket is a connector used when the mating component has a flat plate shape. The socket has an opening designed to match the plate thickness of the mating component and the flat electrical contacts on the inner surface. While connectors are generally inserted, Globetech offers connectors that make contact by pressing the surfaces (butt contact) based on the technology of electrical contacts. Using butt contacts for pre-shipment inspections makes the work simpler (shortened time) and automated.
Draw Out Connector Othert Connector
The draw out connector is mounted between devices or panels. Unlike other types of connectors inserted and extracted by hand, this one fits together on a rail or is automatically inserted and extracted by the movement of a cylinder. Our connectors use electrical contacts that can be directly connected to the lateral surfaces of hex nuts or screw threads. Thus, energization does not require a round terminal or special jigs. This is the best method when the work efficiency of pre-shipment inspections or other work is considered important.

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