About Us
Globetech Inc was founded in 1993 to design and manufacture custom-made electrical connectors for a variety of industries. We are one of leading company in the design, development and manufacturing for connector's field.

Using our core technology, electrical contacts for stabilizing energization, we manufacture high current connectors, heat-resistant connectors, vacuum connectors, and special connectors.
Orders are accepted from a single unit.

The connectors are basically manufactured by cutting work. To meet special specifications, we have no internal manufacturing equipment. Instead, we request cutting work and surface treatment from reliable external factories specializing in the work.
Assembly is performed under internal control for shipment.

we believe that the quick response you are proud of accurate correspondence, are connected to the satisfaction of the customer.

We provide custom made electrical connectors for today's business need.
1-13-21 Hinodai Hino-shi, Tokyo 191-0003, Japan

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